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Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind that heightens suggestibility. Hypnosis gives you the ability to accept suggestions on a subconscious level, where most conflicts seem to begin. It is an experience similar to when you drift off to sleep not fully asleep and not fully awake. You can hear the words that the hypnotist is speaking during the hypnosis session however, at times you’re aware of the words being spoken and at other times you’re not. Sometimes it seems as though you’re not paying attention and this is exactly how your goal will be accomplished. By not intellectualizing or by not paying attention, the suggestions you are hearing are more readily accepted by the unconscious mind.

A great metaphor for hypnosis is, “What a shower is to the body, hypnosis is to the mind.” Hypnosis cleans what is in our subconscious mind. We might view the fact that the subconscious mind has been contaminated for many years by life and conditioning. Hypnosis not only reconditions the mind, it cleans the mind of past, unwanted behavior so that you can accomplish your goals. Even if we’re not physically dirty, the shower feels good. Even if you do not have a lot to accomplish, hypnosis will allow you to feel as though you can do anything.

Please understand that hypnosis does not make you do anything. It simply helps to relax that compulsive feeling and reminds you of what you consciously want to do.

Hypnosis has many applications as you have goals. For example, hypnosis helps with:

getting rid of unwanted weight, exercise motivation, quit smoking, improving memory, reducing stress, increasing confidence, sports performance, speaking more effectively, improving sales, sleeping better, learning to relax, overcome fears, past life regressions, mental blocks, anger management, improve writing skills, being healthy, social fears and correcting most habits. There are also many medical applications for hypnosis.

I personally enjoy the relief hypnosis has given me for migraine headaches. Hypnosis has helped me sleep better, helped me overcome a phobia I was experiencing panic attacks from, and relieved stress.

DISCLAIMER: The procedures administered by a therapist associated with Discovering Wellness LLC are not medical procedures. They are not intended to be treatments, prescriptions, therapeutic or corrective measures for human ailments, symptoms or conditions of any kind. Only your licensed physician can provide such medical treatments. Any medical complaints or requests for diagnosis, prescription or treatment of human ailments should be referred to your licensed physician.

CLARIFICATION: Any and all treatments at Discovering Wellness LLC are Non-Sexual.

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